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CO2 Handheld Measuring Instrument

Poor air quality in rooms, caused by high co2 concentration, can lead to ill-health, tiredness and sickness. Our co2 sensors, which are accurate and reliable, measure the indoor air quality, thus paving way for your better health. These co2 display panel instruments are energy and cost-saving and ensure that your room climate is optimal. Our Rotronic instruments service pharmaceutical/food service industries, schools, hospitals, departmental stores, conference rooms, theatres and many others. Applications include ventilation/air-conditioning equipment, measurement of moisture in paper, drying processes as well as meteorology.

  • Features of CO2 Instruments
    • Long-term monitoring
    • Maximum accuracy
    • Highly efficient and reliable
    • Maintenance-free

  • Indoor Air Quality Instruments in Singapore

    Our indoor air quality instruments assure reliable, accurate and consistent results. At Rotronic, we manufacture and distribute the highest quality instruments that measure air quality and identify CO and CO2 gases. In addition to carbon dioxide measurements, our models also calculate humidity, temperature, wet bulb temperature and dew point.

    Features and Advantages
    • Provides stable and accurate readings
    • Records multipoint measurement
    • Complies with regulations and guidelines
    • Facilitates safe and healthy home and workplace
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